Lexis Advance® Price Guide for Markets

This Price Guide provides transactional list prices for Markets and applies to documents outside of the subscription plan. Documents that are outside of the subscription plan are identified by an on-screen notification. All other documents are inside of the flat-rate subscription and will not incur an additional charge. Prices shown in this list do not reflect any subscription or transactional discounts.

Customers who do not have a qualifying monthly flat-rate subscription will be charged a monthly Lexis Advance® Access Charge which is calculated based on the total number of non-Public Records searches times $60. The access charge is waived for all other customers.

Content CategoryDocument Delivery Charge

Primary Law: Tier 1

Admin Codes, ALM Citator, Cases, Codes, Statutory & Administrative Codes


Primary Law: Tier 2

Admin & Agency Materials, Bill Text, Court Rules, Dockets, Legislative History, Registers, Statutes & Legislation; Municipal Codes


Secondary Law

Directories, Emerging Issues Analysis, Law Review & Journals, Jurisprudence, Jury Instructions, Jury Verdicts & Settlements


Legal News

ALM, Legal News, Mealey's, Law360


Premium Litigation: Tier 1

U.S. Supreme Court Briefs, Select State & Federal Briefs, Pleadings & Motions, Expert Witness Materials, Testimonies, Reports, and Challenges


Premium Litigation: Tier 2

Briefs, Pleadings & Motions, Other Court Documents - PDF Versions, Expert Witness Resumes & CV


Treatises, Secondary Materials, Scientific, & Forms: Tier 1

CCH, Select titles such as Chisum on Patents, Collier on Bankruptcy, Nimmer on Copyright, & Archie 3DMD


Treatises, Secondary Materials, Scientific, & Forms: Tier 2

ALI-ABA/CLE Material, Certain Aspen Material, Reference Indices, Tax Practice Insights, US Analysts Reports, Business Law Monographs, Gilson on Trademarks, Law of Liability Insurance, Medical References, Publications


Treatises, Secondary Materials, Scientific, & Forms: Tier 3

Elsevier Science Materials


News: Tier 1

Top US or global publications, including top newspapers, magazines, or journals. Examples include: Associated Press; Daily Telegraph (London); The Economist; Los Angeles Times; New York Times; Washington Post; Factiva: ~600 sources obtained from Dow Jones Factiva( such as: Wall Street Journal; Barron's; Dow Jones News Service).


News: Tier 2

Primarily daily newspapers and newswires. Examples include: Federal News Service; Hartford Courant; Japan Economic Newswire; Richmond Times Dispatch; Sacramento Bee


News: Tier 3

Primarily daily newspapers and newswires. Examples include: Agricultural Business Week; Energy & Ecology Business; Journal of Mathematics; Leisure & Travel Week; Resource Week


Company & Financial

Analyst Reports, Company Profiles, Mergers & Acquisitions, SEC Filings


Jurisdictional Surveys

50 State Surveys



Content CategoryDocument Report ChargeDocument View & Delivery Charge
Public Records$0 - $50$0


Document access charges may apply if linking to a document within a report. Pricing is subject to change at any time. Charges will be based on the content category charge for the document.

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