Understanding OneCase

What is OneCase?

OneCase is a unique feature offered on Lexis Advance® Quicklaw®. With OneCase, multiple versions of a case resulting from parallel citations, and all case-summaries associated with a specific decision, are rolled-up into a single result on your search result page. As a result, your results list will only include unique cases.

What does it mean if I see the phrase “duplicates have been consolidated”?

Lexis Advance Quicklaw’s case law collection may include multiple versions of a case which have resulted from parallel citations, and associated case-summaries. When one or multiple versions of the same case match your search criteria, Lexis Advance Quicklaw will roll them up into a single hit on your results list so that duplicates are eliminated from your results list. This is done using a unique feature called OneCase.

How Does OneCase impact my results?

OneCase searches all versions of the case (full-text and case-summaries) for the terms you have entered and rolls all versions into one unique entry in your results list. If a full-text or case-summary meets your search criteria the document is included in your results list.

If the search criteria is met in the full-text version of a case, the citation which meets the search criteria is highlighted in yellow. (Note: Each full-text parallel citation which meets the search criteria is highlighted in yellow). In addition, the key-words-in-context for this case will offer an active link allowing you to go directly into selected sections of the full-text version of the case.

If the search criteria is met in one of the case-summaries, but not in any of the full-text versions of the case, then none of the citations are highlighted. A key-words-in-context excerpt from the case-summary meeting the search criteria is provided, but no active link to this excerpt is offered.

Why OneCase?

OneCase is designed to save you, the researcher time. By consolidating multiple versions of a case into one hit, you are no longer faced with the issue of having to review duplicate hits. OneCase also helps ensure that you are not missing key cases which may meet the search parameters you have entered. OneCase offers an advantage. It goes beyond the limits of traditional case law searching by searching all versions of a case and its associated summaries and letting you know if any version available meets your research needs.

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