How do I narrow or filter my results after a search?

After you run a search that produces multiple results, Lexis Advance Quicklaw displays a results page consisting of two panes. The left pane lists the content types you searched and contains filters that enable you to narrow your results. The right pane initially lists either a snapshot of all results or the results for one of the content types you searched.

Tip: The Settings option enables you to specify what results should initially appear in the right pane when you search multiple content types. For more information, see Display search results in this content type first in the Settings help article.

To view all results for a given content type, select the name of the content type in the left pane or, in snapshot view, select the View all link below the list of results for that type. After you display the results for a specific content type, the Narrow By heading appears in the left pane, followed by any jurisdiction, legal topic, or source filters you applied to the search. Below that, a list of headings appears, and you can select them in order to filter your results further. These headings can vary, however, depending on the content type you are viewing

Important: Each time you narrow your results by any means, the results are immediately limited by the way in which you have chosen to limit them. So, for example, if you have selected the cases content type and further narrowed your results to a specific jurisdiction, the results are immediately filtered to the cases within that jurisdiction. Any further narrowing of results produces a subset of those cases, and so on. You can easily remove any filters you apply, however, including any search filters you applied before running the search.

After running a search and viewing your results:

If you want to...Then do this...
Narrow your results to one or more specific content types identified by the headings in the left margin
  1. Select the Jurisdiction, Court, or other heading to identify the category in which you want to limit your results. The sub-categories in which you can further limit your results appear.
  2. Take one of these actions:
    • If you want to limit your results to a single sub-category only, select the name of the sub-category.
    • If you want to limit your results to multiple sub-categories, select Select multiple. A box listing all the available sub-categories appears. Select the checkboxes of each of the sub-categories in which you want to limit your results and select OK.
      Note: When you select multiple sub-categories, Lexis Advance Quicklaw returns all results associated with any of the selected sub-categories.
      Note: To search within your results for counsel, choose the Counsel option under Narrow By. For more information on searching within results for counsel, see How do I search within results by counsel name? for details.

    The selected filter appears below the Narrow By heading in the left pane, and the filtered list of results appears in the right pane.

Narrow your results to only items containing specific termsEnter your search terms in the Search Within Results search box and select the search icon (Search). The entered search terms appear below the Narrow By heading in the left pane, and the filtered list of results appears in the right pane.
Remove any of the filters you have applied as either search filters or results filtersView the list of filters below the Narrow By heading and select the delete icon (Delete Filter) to the right of the filter you want to remove. The selected filter is removed, and the corresponding unfiltered list of results appears in the right pane.
Note: To clear all filters, select the Clear All link below the list of filters.

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