My Folders page

The My Folders page lists all of the folders and subfolders you have created that currently exist.

You can display the My Folders page by selecting View all folders at the bottom of the Folders pod on the home page. You can also access it by selecting the More button at the top of any page and by selecting Folders from the list that appears.

Note: After you open a specific folder, additional options appear. For information about the options that appear after you open a specific folder, see Folder List page.

Select this to display the following list of actions you can take related to the list itself.

Link to this page
Select to open a dialogue box that enables you to generate a permanent hyperlink to the current page you are viewing. For more information, see Link to This Page dialogue box.
Search Within All Folders Use the Search Within All Folders box to narrow your list to folders that contain specific terms in their titles. To clear this search filter, select Clear Search at the top of the list.
Create New Folder [in folder]Select this to create a new folder in the identified location.
Folders List (left pane)

Lists all of the available folders and subfolders. The four standard folders are the following:

My Folders

This folder contains the folders and subfolders you have created. When a folder or subfolder contains items, the number of items it contains appears to the right of the folder name. Select the name of the folder to display the contents of the folder. When a folder contains subfolders, a chevron (Open List) appears to the left of the folder name. Select the chevron to alternately display and hide the list of subfolders.

Access Later ($)

When you save a document that is outside your subscription plan, Lexis Advance Quicklaw saves a copy of the document in this folder, as well as in the folder you have designated.

Shared by Me

When you share documents with another user, Lexis Advance Quicklaw saves the document in this folder.

Shared by Others

When another user shares a document with you, Lexis Advance Quicklaw saves the document in this folder.

Recycle Bin

When you inititally delete a folder or folder item, Lexis Advance Quicklaw moves the folder or item to the Recycle Bin. It remains in the Recycle Bin for up to 30 days. During that time, you can restore it to its original location or permanently delete it. After it remains in the Recycle Bin for 30 days, Lexis Advance Quicklaw automatically deletes it permanently. For information on deleting folders and folder items, restoring them, and/or permanently deleting them, see How do I use the Recycle Bin?

Printer-friendly Page

Select this to open a separate browser window or tab containing the currently displayed page of the folder list, formatted to fit properly within the margins of standard printed pages. After the printer-friendly view appears, you can select the Print button to print the contents of the window or tab.

Important: This option shows only the currently displayed page of the folder list. If you want to print a list that is longer than one page (when displayed on the computer), you will need to display each page you want to print and select this option on each of those pages.
Sort by:

By default, the folders are listed by date, from newest to oldest. Select an option from this list to sort the list in a different order.

PaginationIdentifies the number of the page that is currently displayed. Select a different page number to display that page or select the right or left arrow to display the previous or next page.

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