What is the Research Map?

The Research Map enables you to view your individual research activities over the previous 90 days in a graphical format. These activities include the searches you have done; the documents you have viewed, printed, downloaded, and emailed; the items you have saved to folders; and so on.

The Research Map is divided into a series of history trails. A history trail is a sequence of related activities. For example, if you do a search, view the results for a given content type, view two documents within the content type, view a second content type, and view another document in that content type, the collection of activities is recorded as a single history trail where each of the individual activities is represented by a graphical image. At the point you begin another search or start another activity unrelated to the original search, a new history trail and set of graphical images is recorded.

In addition to viewing the individual research activities you have undertaken, you can also use the Research Map to do the following:

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