Lexis Practice Advisor® Results List Page

Lexis Practice Advisor® may present your results in the following ways:

If...Results appear as...
Your search retrieved multiple documents

A list of documents for the content type selected as the "Start in" type. The search field in the navigation bar at the top of the page displays your search terms, along with a drop-down list of actions you can take.

The number of results found for each category is displayed following the category name in the pane on the left. If more than 10,000 results were found for a category, (10,000+) is displayed.

You retrieved an individual document by entering its citation in the search box

A single document. If the document is included in your subscription, it is opened automatically. If it is outside your subscription, the document title appears by itself, and you'll have the option of opening it for a fee.

  • Multiple documents retrieved by a single citation display as a list of documents.
  • Occasionally, a very large document, or one that contains an unusual number of embedded links, will not open immediately.
You enter multiple citations in the search boxA list of documents.
You used the Search for (citation) option in About This Document to retrieve all documents referencing a specific citationThe documents will be displayed as a list, regardless of any specific content type, jurisdiction, practice area, or "Start in" selections you made before your search.


Select a search term from a document in your results list to open the document at the location of that search term in the document.

The search precedent is displayed at the top of your results so you can modify the terms, content, or topics you want to search, and run the search again.


These options allow you to navigate through and narrow the results of your search:

Left PaneThe box on the left side of the page lists all the available content types. Select one of these values to see a list of all the search results for the selected content type.
Show moreDisplays a list of additional content types (appears only if there are too many content types to display at once).
Show lessCollapses the Show more content type list.
ActionsA drop-down list of actions you can take with the current item.
Add search to folder
Select this to save your search to an online folder so you can access the results later under Folders.
Run search as terms & connectors
Runs your search again, applying terms and connectors guidelines.
Note: For more information on this option, see the topic What does the Run as... option do.
Include legal phrase equivalents
Adds equivalent terms to your search.
Example: If you enter "dog bite", a legal equivalent might be "bitten by a dog".
Expanded results
Expand your results to include all the documents containing any of your search terms. (This option appears only if you ran a Natural Language search.)
Link to This Page
Opens a box that provides the URL for the current page that you can copy to your browser.
Sort by

This list allows you to sort your list of results in a different order. You can select from relevance, document title (A to Z or Z to A).

If your search has resulted in a large result set, you can narrow your list to the documents most relevant to your search by using any of the filters in the Narrow By pane on the left side of the page.

  • Use the Search Within Results filter to find documents within the result set that contain specific search terms.
    Example: If you searched on the terms dog bite liability and your answer set is very large, you might enter the term assumed risk in this filter to narrow the results to only documents that also contain that term.
  • Use the other filters, such as Content Type or Jurisdiction, to narrow your results accordingly.

To select several criteria in a category, select Select multiple.

  • The categories and headings in the Narrow By pane depend on the kind of search you ran.
    Example: A legal search may have headings for Federal and specific states under the Jurisdiction category.
  • Documents may appear in more than one category.
    Example: Case law documents would appear in the Cases content type, in one of the jurisdictions, and would also contain a number of keywords and/or citations.

To return to a previous results set after filtering one or more times, select the Remove icon (Close level) next to your selections at the top of the Narrow By pane to remove the selected filter. When you have removed all the filters, the right side of the results view will contain your original result set.

You can also return to your original result set by selecting Clear.

Add to folder

Select to add all selected documents to a work folder.

Note: For more information on saving documents, see the topic How do I save a document from my results to a folder.
Print to attached printerSelect to generate all selected documents as a PDF file you can save or print to an attached printer.
DownloadSelect to download all selected documents to your computer.
EmailSelect to send an email with the selected documents as attachments.
Send to DropboxSelect to send all selected documents to Dropbox.
Get It Now To get a document outside of your subscription, select this icon.
Printable PageSelect to display a text-only version of the document, without any graphics, navigation bars, or options on the page.
Create Search AlertSelect to save your search to run automatically on a schedule you specify.
Note: For more information on creating search alerts, see the topic How do I create an alert.
Document TitleTo view a full document, select a document title.
JurisdictionIndicates the jurisdiction in which an item applies.
CourtIdentifies the court in which a listed item was established.
DateIdentifies the date on which a listed item was established.
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Indicates which page in your results set you are viewing. Select a different page number to display that page, or use the right or left arrows to scroll through your results set.

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