Lexis Practice Advisor® documents

In addition to its useful precedents, Lexis Practice Advisor® gives you access to a vast amount of guidance and useful information through its many documents and articles. When you select a document, its full text appears in a new page. Your search results and other documents remain accessible so that you can easily return to them as you continue your research. Additional information about the document and tools for working with it are are also located on the page.

The table below briefly describes the tools you can use to work with most documents in Lexis Practice Advisor.


This drop-down list appears when you select text in a document. Tools you may see listed include the following:

Add to folder Add to folder
Select this to save a selected section of text to a Lexis Practice Advisor folder. For more information, see How do I save text to a folder.
Add to search Add to search
Select this to search Lexis Practice Advisor for the selected text.
Annotate selected text Annotate
Select this to add your own notes to the selected text. For more information, see How do I make annotations in a document.
Highlight selected text Highlight
Select this to highlight the selected text in the document. For more information, see How do I highlight text in a document.
Add to folderSelect this to save the entire document to a working folder in Lexis Practice Advisor. For more information, see How do I save my research.
PrintSaveEmailSend Document to DropboxClick the delivery icon drop-down for the type of delivery you want to complete in the delivery toolbar.
Document TitleThe title of the document.

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