What are Lexis Practice Advisor® precedents?

The heart of Lexis Practice Advisor® are the hundreds of precedents available to you. Our teams of legal experts have put together a number of precedents and checklists for each topic within each of the Lexis Practice Advisor practice areas. The table below briefly explains the tools and icons available on most Lexis Practice Advisor precedent pages.

Add to folderSelect this to save the entire document to a working folder in Lexis Practice Advisor. For more information, see How do I save my research.
PrintSaveEmailSend Document to DropboxClick the delivery icon drop-down for the type of delivery you want to complete in the delivery toolbar.
Go to

This drop-down list appears at the top of document pages. The list displays the document's section headings, allowing you to navigate quickly through longer documents.

Results ListSelect this link to return to the page (Work Folder, list of search results, or overview) from which you accessed the precedent.
PreviousPrevious Document | Next DocumentNextSelect these links to browse through the documents in the Work Folder, search results list, or topic overview from which you accessed the precedent.

This drop-down list appears when you select text in a document. Tools you may see listed include the following:

Add to folder Add to folder
Select this to save a selected section of text to a Lexis Practice Advisor folder. For more information, see How do I save text to a folder.
Add to search Add to search
Select this to search Lexis Practice Advisor for the selected text.
About This DocumentSelect these links to quickly display information about the selected document, including:
Draft Now Quick Download
Select this to save a draft of the precedent with any changes (editable field entries, alternate/custom clauses, etc.) you have made.
Precedent Summary
A brief summary of the selected precedent.
Drafting Notes
A list of all drafting notes associated with the precedent you are viewing.

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