How do I submit a question to the Lexis Practice Advisor® authors?

Follow the steps below to send your question to the authors of our Lexis Practice Advisor® content.

Note: For more information on our contributors, visit our Meet Our Contributors page.
  1. In the dark navigation bar at the top of any page, select Ask our Authors. The Ask our Authors pop-up window appears. The Ask our Authors pop-up window appears.
    Note: You can close the pop-up window at any time without taking any action by selecting the Close button.
  2. Edit the information in the Name and Email Address fields as needed.
  3. In the Phone Number field, you may type a telephone number at which our authors can reach you to follow up on your question.
  4. In the Company field, you may type the name of the company with which you are affiliated.
  5. In the Questions box, type what you want to ask our authors.
  6. Select the Send button.

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