What are alerts in LexisNexis® Practice Advisor?

Alerts are notifications you can have Lexis Practice Advisor® send you automatically whenever selected content changes. When you create an alert, Lexis Practice Advisor will monitor the selected content and alert you when new material is available. You can create the following kinds of alerts:

  • Topic - In a Topic alert, Lexis Practice Advisor monitors specific content types within a given practice area. The system will notify you whenever new documents become available in those content types.
  • Shepard's® - When you create a Shepard's Alert®, Lexis Practice Advisor will monitor a Shepardized document and notify you of any changes in its Shepard's status.
  • Pending Legislation - Lexis Practice Advisor can monitor statutes and legislation for you, notifying you of any pending legislation that may amend, repeal, or enact a change in a selected item.
  • Search - When you create an alert based on a search, the system will monitor selected content types for the search terms you used. Whenever new documents containing those search terms appear, the system will notify you.
Note: In all cases, you choose how and when you want to receive notifications.

For more information on Lexis Practice Advisor alerts, see:

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