How do I change LexisNexis® Interactive Citation Workstation's exercise settings?

Lexis Advance® Settings allow you to set the number of times students are allowed to try to solve each exercise problem before LexisNexis® Interactive Citation Workstation marks the problem wrong and moves on. Follow these steps to assign that number.

  1. From the More drop-down in the top right corner of any Interactive Citation Workstation page, select Settings. Interactive Citation Workstation takes you to the Settings page.
  2. From the list on the left, select Lexis LexisNexis® Interactive Citation Workstation. The Lexis LexisNexis® Interactive Citation Workstation form appears.
  3. From the Maximum Attempts drop-down list, select the number of chances you want your students to have with a given exercise.
  4. Select the Save Settings & Close button. Interactive Citation Workstation saves your selections and returns you to the last page you were viewing.

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