Help Topics for All Lexis Advance Contexts

Use the links below to browse the help topics available for all of the different Lexis Advance features. Use the search box at the top of the page to find a specific term or idea you're looking for. Click the Lexis Advance® Help drop-down list to choose help content specific to a particular Lexis Advance context.

 + Common Functions across Multiple Features

Includes items found on the global navigation bar, such as Alerts, Delivery, Folders, and History, along with Tutorials and other common items.

 + Deliver Your Results

 + History

 + Product Tutorials

 + Lexis Advance® Research

If you don't see the articles you're looking for, you can Search for them, or you could look in the "Common Functions across Multiple Features" section above.

 + Working with Alerts

 + Working with Folders

 + Contacting LexisNexis

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