Counsel Benchmarking

To help you understand the data you are viewing in LexisNexis® Counsel Benchmarking, please note the following definitions:

  • Median: The median rate is the rate at which 50% of the population is above and 50% below. It is different from the average as it is not impacted by very high or very low outlier rates.
  • Timeframe for Median: The median rate is calculated using data from the most recent 12 months of data available in the database. Data is uploaded approximately two months after the invoice is paid.
  • Timeframe for Year over Year Change: Year over year (YoY) change is calculated as the rate from the most recent 12 month period compared to the rate for the previous 12 month period.
Note: There are a few states for which there is insufficient data in the CounselLink database to show results. For these states, *** is shown next to the state.

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