Share With Others dialogue box

Use this dialogue box to select individuals with whom you want to share a folder or document.

Share with the following contacts

Use this to identify users with whom you want to share the folder. You can enter a user name directly (using the format last name, first name), or you can enter a user's email address. As you are typing, a list of user names may appear matching the characters you have typed. If you see the user name you want, you can select it from the list. Likewise, if the Recent contacts list appears and contains the user name or user's email address, you can select it from that list. After you have identified a user in any of these ways, select Add to Share. After you add the name, it appears in the Shared With list. Select either Editor or Viewer, depending on the user's role. If you want to delete a user from the list, select the X to the right of the user's name.


Select this to share the folder with the selected users.

CancelSelect this to close the dialogue box without sharing the folder.

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