What is sending to Dropbox?

Sending documents to Dropbox is the act of saving copies of selected items (open documents, selected items from results lists, or results lists themselves) to Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud (i.e., online) file storage service that enables you to upload, store, and share files on Internet-accessible servers.

Creating a Dropbox Account

In order to send documents to Dropbox, you need a Dropbox account. If you do not have a Dropbox account, follow the How do I send my results or documents to Dropbox? procedure. During that procedure, Lexis Advance Pacific accesses the Dropbox website, where you can select the Create an account button to create an account.

Thereafter, whenever you use the Send to Dropbox option, your browser automatically signs you in to your Dropbox account (if you have selected the Dropbox Remember me option), or you are requested to sign in to your account manually (if you have not selected the Dropbox Remember me option).

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