How do I download folders I have created?

After opening folders you have created, you can download (i.e., save) them to a storage locations such as hard disks, network folders, and other similar locations accessible to your computer.

Note: This article describes how to download folders. For information on how to download a results or folders list, a results list itself, or open documents, see How do I download, print, email, and send to Dropbox the document attachments associated with my results?
  1. Open the folder you want to download.
  2. Select Actions to the right of the folder name and select Download folder from the list that appears. The Download dialogue box appears. For more information, see Download dialogue box.
  3. Modify the settings in the dialogue box as you desire and click Download. The Processing Delivery page opens in a new window. After processing is complete, the Delivery Complete page appears containing one or more links, depending on the number of documents you are downloading and whether you have grouped them into one or multiple files.
  4. After the Download Complete window appears, select the link or links associated with the downloaded folder or files and save them to a location accessible to your computer.
    Note: Download activities are recorded in History and stored there for up to 90 days. If necessary, you can go to History and open the download activity to display links to the folder of files you have downloaded.
  5. Select the Close button to close the Download Complete window.

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