How do I search for an expert witness within a specific area of expertise using LexisNexis® Context?

Using LexisNexis® Context, you can search for experts with specific knowledge or skill. This might be useful if you need to find an expert but you don't know of anyone to search for specifically. Types of areas you can search for include agriculture, banking and finance, information technology, law enforcement, and medical, just to name a few. You can select as many areas of expertise as necessary.

To search for a list of experts with specific knowledge or skill, perform the following steps:

  1. At the search form, select Expert from the drop-down list.
  2. Enter the desired area of expertise (e.g., banking, finance, etc.) into the search form. If matches occur, a drop-down list appears.
  3. Select the desired area of expertise from the drop-down list. A list of experts appears with the following seven columns of case-related information for each: Name, Areas of Expertise, Hiring Party, Top Jurisdictions, number of Jury Verdicts & Settlements, number of Testimony & Reports, and number of Challenges.

    Optional Actions:

    • To toggle the entire list of experts from A-Z or Z-A, select the Name column.
    • To list only those experts based on specific details, select the Jury Verdicts & Settlements, Testimony & Reports, and Challenges columns.
    • To reveal the percentage of plaintiffs, defendants, and other parties who hired a specific expert, hover over the color-coated bar in the selected expert’s Hiring Party column.
  4. Optional. Use the filters to further narrow your search by State, City, or Area of Expertise.
    Note: To further fine-tune your displayed list, you may perform the Optional Actions described in the previous step.
  5. Select from the displayed list the individual who satisfies your search. The expert's Overview page displays

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