Expert Witness Overview Tips for LexisNexis® Context

After you have selected an expert witness, the expert's Overview page displays. Following is a description of the content on this page and how to use it to obtain the best results.

Page HeadingListed at the top of the page is the expert's name, educational milestones, and areas of expertise.
AnalyticsSelect this to access the expert's Analytics page.
DocumentsSelect this to access the expert's Documents page.
Link to this pageSelect this to copy the link to this overview page.
Create ReportSelect this to generate and deliver (download, email, print) a report of your search results.
ContactThe expert's contact information such as address, website, phone, and email.
LicensesThese are the licenses the expert has earned.
CertificationsThese are the certifications the expert has earned.
Professional ExperienceDescribes specific positions the expert has held at various institutions.
CVs (Curriculum Vitaes)A link is provided for each vitae. Select a link to view the entire content.
DocumentsProvides links to the types of documents available for this expert and the number available for each. Selecting a type takes you to the Documents Page where you can easily select the desired document.
Hiring PartyThis identifies the number of cases on which the expert witness has served. Of those cases, the percentages reveal time served as a Plaintiff, Defendant, or Other.

Hiring Party

Cases Per YearThis identifies how many cases this expert served on during this time frame.
Case Experience by Area of Law

This identifies how much experience the expert has with serving on various types of legal cases.

Case Experience

Case Experience by Jurisdiction

This identifies how much experience the expert has with serving on various types of legal cases in various jurisdictions.

Case Experience

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