Company People Tips for LexisNexis® Context

This page allows you to look up the company’s employees by name, position, and email address.

Page HeadingListed at the top of the profile is the company’s name, city, and state.
OverviewSelect this to access the company's Overview page.
AnalyticsSelect this to access the company's Analytics page.
DocumentsSelect this to access the company's Documents page.
Create ReportSelect this to generate and deliver (download, email, print) a report of your search results.

To fine-tune your people search, you may select options from the available filters.

People search

For tracking purposes, the options display across the screen as you select them. For example:

People filter

To delete an option, select the related X. To delete all options, select Clear All.

Sort ByUse this drop-down list to sort search results by employee name or position.
Employee InformationThe employee information is provided in three columns:
  • Name - Contains the employee's first and last names. To re-sort the entries, click on the column name.
  • Position - Contains the employee's postiion title. To re-sort the entries, click on the column name.
  • Email - Contains the employee's email address. To launch an email, click on the entry.
Cited SourcesThese are the sources from which the application obtains the search results.
<1234...>Use these values to access and scroll through each page of available information.
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