Company Analytics Tips for LexisNexis® Context

When applicable, this page provides details regarding analytics associated with the selected company. Following are guidelines on how to use these details to obtain the best results.

Page HeadingListed at the top of the profile is the company’s name, city, and state.
OverviewSelect this to access the company's Overview page.
PeopleSelect this to access the company's People page.
DocumentsSelect this to access the company's Documents page.
Create ReportSelect this to generate and deliver (download, email, print) a report of your search results.
LitigationSelect this option to display litigation for the selected company. Viewing options include:
  • Representation - Shows all firms that have represented the company.
  • Practice Area - Shows all practice area cases that have been litigated for this company.
  • Court - Shows all courts in which the company was a litigant.

With each option, select the green bar or number of cases for the content you wish to see. For example:


Displayed to the right of the chart is the list of cases, numbered sequentially. Simply click the link for case you want to view.


To fine-tune your search for litigation, you may select options from the available filters.

Company filters

For tracking purposes, the options display across the screen as you select them. For example:

Company filter selections

To delete an option, select the related X. To delete all options, select Clear All.

News Storylines

Select this option to display key news topics and supporting articles involving the company over the last five years.

Use the Sort By drop-down list to sort news topics by:

  • Volume - Displays topics with the most articles listed first.
  • Recency - Displays topics with the most recent articles listed first.

For example:

News article

The displayed table contains six columns. The first column identifies the news topics available for the company. Each of the remaining five columns pertains to a specific year in a five-year period. As needed, the application inserts vertical green bar images to identify the presence of available articles for various months within each year.

To select the articles you wish to view, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the desired topic in column 1 of the table.
  2. Hover over the green bars to see how many articles are available for a particular month/year time frame.
  3. Select the green bar for the articles you want to view. The articles appear on the right highlighted in blue.
  4. Select the link for the specific article you want to display.
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