How do I annotate selected document text?

You can annotate documents you are viewing.

To do this:

  1. While viewing a full document, highlight the text you want to annotate. A shortcut menu appears with several options for working with the document.
  2. Choose Annotate. The Annotate Text dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the text in the text box, and format the text if you want to.
  4. Choose the color you want associated with the highlight in the document.
  5. If you have shared the document with someone, select Allow recipients to view your note to allow other viewers to view the annotations.
  6. Select Annotate to save the annotation. The annotation will be highlighted and underscored.
  7. Save the document to a folder.

You can access your folders from Folders link in More drop-down list at the top of any page, or from the Folders pod of the Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® home page.

Note: You can create annotations within an annotation by selecting the annotated text in the document and selecting Create annotation.

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