What is the CaseBase Case Citator?

The CaseBase Case Citator provides more than half a million case citations, digests, and journal articles that enable you to quickly validate your research and ensure you have good law.

CaseBase documents enable you to identify details of a case you have cited, other cases and journal articles referring to the case, other cases and legislation considered by the case, litigation history, and more. CaseBase documents also contain CaseBase Signals that indicate whether the case decision has received positive, negative, cautionary or neutral treatment in subsequent judgments.

Quite often you can find specific CaseBase documents by creating a search and using the filters in the left margin of your results list to narrow the list to a specific set of CaseBase documents. Alternatively, you can use the Browse CaseBase option to find specific CaseBase documents by browsing though a list of courts or by browsing through a hierarchically arranged list of catchwords.

For more information on CaseBase, please see the articles listed in the right margin.

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