How do I use the Browse Sources option?

  1. Select the Browse button at the top of the page and select Sources in the left margin of the box that appears.
  2. Select All Sources. The sources search page appears containing a list of all sources.
    Note: If you know the content type, jurisdiction, practice area, or subscription status (i.e., whether the source is within or outside your subscription plan) of the source, you can select By Content Type, By Jurisdiction, By Practice Area, or By Subscription to find the list of sources associated with one of those categories.
  3. After the list of sources appears, under Narrow By... in the left pane, optionally select one or more of the headings to limit, or further limit, your search for the source name to one of those categories. The list of sources is limited, or further limited, to the selected category or categories.
  4. Take one of these actions:
    If you want to...Then do this...
    Browse for the source (helpful if you know the exact name)
    1. At the top of the source list, select the first letter of the source name.
    2. At the bottom of the list, select the page number navigation links until the page containing the source name appears.
    Search for the source (helpful when you do not know the exact name or know only a part of the name)In the Search Within Sources search box, type the name of the source, or a part of the name, and select the search icon.
  5. Select the name of the source you want and select one of the following options from the list that appears:
    • Get documents. Select this to retieve a list of all documents contained in the source. For more information on results lists, see What is a results list?
    • Add source as a search filter. Select this to add the source as a search filter. For more information on limiting searches to specific sources, see How do I limit my search to specific sources?
    • Create a publication alert. Select this to create a publication alert. For more information on alerts, see What is an alert?

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