How do I assign a Client ID to my research?

You can set or change the client ID assigned to your research. An assigned client ID identifies the client for which you perform research, and it remains associated with the research after the research is stored in your history and/or folders.

The current client ID is always displayed at the top of every page. Until you set a new client ID the first time, the current client ID is "None", and all your research is assigned to the client ID of "None". After you create and choose a new client ID, all your subsequent research is assigned to the new client ID until you change it again.

To set a client ID, follow these steps.

  1. Select Client in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select a client ID from the displayed list, or select Set/Add Client ID to display the Set/Add Client ID page in order to create and assign a new ID or to assign a previously-used ID not included in the list.
  3. Take one of these actions:
    If you want toThen do this
    Assign a previously-used IDSelect Recent client ID and select the ID you want to assign from the list that appears.
    Create and assign a new IDSelect New client ID and enter the ID you want to create and assign in the text box that appears. In the Research description text box, optionally enter a description of the client ID.
  4. Select the Set Client ID button.

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