How do I find a specific alert?

The Alerts List page lists all current alerts you have created.

To find a specific alert, follow these steps.

  1. Display the Alerts List page by selecting View all alerts at the bottom of the Alerts pod on the home page or by selecting the More button at the top of any page and selecting Alerts from the list that appears.
  2. Take either or both of these actions:
    • Select items beneath the Type, Client, Delivery Type and Frequency headings in the left pane to filter the alert list to only those alerts associated with a specific alert type, client, delivery type, and/or notification frequency. After you select a filter, the alerts list is filtered immediately, and the name of the filter appears below the Narrow By heading.
    • In the Search Within Alerts box, enter a word or words that appear in the name of the alert you want to find. The alerts list is filtered to include only the alerts that contain the search term or terms in their titles.
      Note: If you have filtered the alerts list by type, client, delivery type, and/or notification frequency before using the Search Within Results feature, the look-up is limited to the list of filtered items, not the entire alerts list.
  3. To clear an individual filter you have applied, select the name of the filter that appears below the Narrow By heading. To clear all filters you have applied, select Clear beneath the list of filters. To clear a search, select Clear search at the top of the alerts list.

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