How do I pause an alert?

You can use the Alerts List page to pause (temporarily stop) an alert from running and restart it later. If you pause an alert, you won't receive notifications about it during the period it is paused.

To pause an alert, follow these steps.

  1. Display the Alerts List page by selecting View all alerts at the bottom of the Alerts pod on the home page or by selecting the More button at the top of any page and selecting Alerts from the list that appears.
  2. On the Alerts List page, find the alerts you want to pause by using the Search Within Alerts option in the left pane and/or by selecting options from within the Type, Matter, Delivery Type, and Frequency filters.
  3. Select the checkbox of each alert you want to pause.
  4. Select the Pause icon (Pause Alert) from the toolbar at the top of the page. A confirmation message appears.
  5. Select Pause.

After you pause an alert, the term Paused appears at the top of the alert and the Start icon (Start Alert) appears below it.

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