How do I create an alert?

An alert is an action you take that you schedule Lexis Advance Pacific to repeat automatically at specific intervals in order to notify you of any changes or events that may have occurred. To create an alert, follow these steps.

  1. Perform the action you want Lexis Advance Pacific to repeat automatically.

    You can create the following types of alerts:

  2. After you have generated the results you want (or have selected the topic you want), select the Alert icon (Alert) at the top right of your results (or, if a topic alert, select Create an alert). The Create Alert box appears.
  3. Select the Overview, Monitor, Deliver, and Share tabs and complete the entries on them to name the alert, identify the specific content types you want the alert to monitor, choose how you want to be notified of results, and identify any other users with whom you want to share the alert. For more information, see Search Alert (create) dialogue box and Topic Alert (create) dialogue box.
  4. Select Create Alert to save the alert.

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