Report Preparation Input Tips

Complete the input requirements for each report as follows.

Upload documents

For an upload, you may:

  • Drag and drop selected documents into the upload area (Download Delivery).
  • Select browse to navigate to and select the desired documents.

File types may include: docx, txt, pdf.

Note: As you add input files, their names appear in the upload area along with the related report icon highlighted in blue. For example:

Input files

If you decide you want to assign one or more input files to more report types besides (or instead of) the type you originally selected, you may do so by selecting/deselecting the report icons in the input area.

Enter text

Use these fields to enter additional content:

Document Name
Enter the file name you wish to assign to the content you’re providing.
Text Box
Insert and/or paste the desired text into the text area provided. Use the text-formatting options as needed.
Note: If you enter a citation into the text area with an invalid Kind Code, the system automatically uses the first available Kind Code.
Enter citations

Use this text box to enter any citations you want to analyze in the report. The application automatically validates citation entries and returns the following indicators as valid, changed, invalid or pending.

Note: When you enter citations for an IDS Form, a pop-up screen appears, allowing you to select one of the following options:
  • Insert entered citations directly into an IDS
  • Extract and insert embedded citations associated with each entered cite into an IDS

Select the desired option, then select Apply.

ResetSelect this button to reset your input options.

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