IDS Form Tips

Configure IDS Form Options

Report type

Select one of the following options:

  • Combine all inputs into single IDS form - Generates one IDS report with combined forms.
  • Create separate IDS forms for each input - Generates individual IDS reports.
Select inputFrom this section, select the entries you wish to review and choose the citations to include in the IDS.
Note: By default, the Exclamationicon displays. When you hover over it, a tooltip appears, informing you that an element is required. When you select one or more cites from any of the IDS form sections (US Patents, Foreign Patents, Non-Patent Literature), the icon disappears.
View patentsWhen this button is active, you may use it to launch TotalPatent One®. From there you can retrieve up to 250 patent citations from IDS form sections US Patents and Foreign Patents.
US Patents

Select the checkboxes for each U.S.patent you wish to include.

Show all detected numbers
Select this checkbox to treat any six- or seven-digit numbers found in your document as a patent citation. This includes numbers not preceded by country code or cite designation (e.g., “U.S. Pat No.”).
Show unverified
By default, unverified citations will display in the report. You can select this checkbox as needed to show/hide the items.
Foreign Patents

Select the checkboxes for each Foreign patent you want to include.

Show first kind only
Select this checkbox to retrieve the first detected citation that has a matching patent number.
Show unverified
Select this checkbox to include any unverified numbers found in your document as U.S. patent citations. By default, the citations are included in the report.
Note: Your PatentOptimizer® subscription includes full text access to these authorities: CA, EP, GB, US, WO
Non-Patent LiteratureIf desired, select this drop-down list to select references to any related non-patent documents.
Show embedded patent references
Select this to include embedded patent references in the report.

Report Confirmation

After you are finished selecting all options for your reports, the Create report page requires you to confirm your selections for each report.

Report nameThe name of the report.
Edit settingsSelect this link to modify any configuration options for the report. The application returns you to the Configure IDS Form options page.
Document nameListed are the names of the documents that will be included in the report.
TrashSelect this to delete a document you no longer want to include in the report.
Delete user entered data once reports created

For this capability, you have two options:

  • Turn this toggle off if you want to retain your provided input on theSetup Report page after generating your reports.
  • Keep this toggle on if you want to automatically delete your provided input fromthe Setup Report page after creating your reports.
CreateSelect this to generate the reports.

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