How do I generate an IDS Form?

To generate the report, perform the following steps. Also, refer to IDS Form Tips for complete information about options.

  1. Select Get Started or Reports.
  2. Select IDS Form from the report types.
    Note: If the LNAC application requires you to have a Client ID, the Edit/Add Client ID form appears. Complete the form by selecting an existing ID or by creating a new one.
  3. Using the following drop-down panels, provide the input you wish to include in the report:
    • Select Upload documents to select or drag and drop the desired files into the upload area.
      Note: As you add files, their names appear in a dialog box.
    • Select Enter text to manually enter the desired document information.
    • Select Enter citations to manually enter citations.
      Important: When you enter citations, an IDS Form pop-up screen displays, requiring you to select one of the following options:
      • Insert entered citations directly into an IDS
      • Extract and insert embedded citations associated with each entered cite into an IDS

      Select one of the options then select Apply.

      Note: As you enter citations, the application flags them as Valid, Changed, or Invalid.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Complete the IDS Form request by selecting the appropriate options for the following:
    • Report type
    • US Patents
    • Foreign Patents
    • Non-Patent Literature
  6. Select Next.
  7. From the Create report page, confirm your IDS Form request by selecting Create.

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