Claim Chart Report Tips

Configure Claim Chart Options

Report Format

Select these options as needed:

  • File type - Select from this drop-down list the application you want to use to format the report.
  • Combine all charts into a single document - Select this checkbox to output the report to a single MS Word document.
  • Combine all charts into a single workbook - Select this checkbox to output the report to a single MS Excel document.
  • No. of blank columns - Select from this drop-down list the number of blank columns to include in the report.
    Note: Applies only if you select the MS Word or PDF file type.
Claim setSelect which claims you want to include in the report:
  • All
  • Independent claims Only
  • First claim only
Claim formatSelect how you wish to format the report:
  • Full (Display full text in Claim Text column)
  • Partitioned (Break out claims into separate rows based on semicolon separations)
Claim tree (optional)

Optionally, select the type of claim tree you want to show in the report:

  • Tree chart

    Claim Tree

  • Bubble chart

    Bubble Diagram

  • Grid

    Claim Grid

Tree position

If you selected Microsoft Word or PDF for the report format, select this drop-down list to specify where you want the claim tree to appear. Options include:

  • Top of Document
  • Bottom of Document

Select from this drop-down list all the checkboxes for the advanced options you want to use to format the report.

Select all
Select this to choose all the following options.
Separate list of elements
Select this to list the claim elements in a series of rows located in a new column next to the related claim.
Part numbers
Select this to include part numbers of elements in a separate column next to claim/elements. The part numbers will appear in their own column, immediately next to their related claim elements.
Support in disclosure
This option is available only when Separate list of Elements is selected. Use it to display the context and location of the claim element.
Re-number sequence
Select this to renumber all claims in numerical sequence. For example, if you have chosen Independent Claims 1, 4, and 8 only, when you select this option, they will be renumbered 1, 2, and 3 in the report.
Add element bolding
Select this to bold the elements appearing in the claims.
Insert part numbers
Select this to insert part numbers directly into the text of the claims.

Report Confirmation

After you are finished selecting all options for your reports, the Create report page requires you to confirm your selections for each report.

Report nameThe name of the report.
Edit optionsSelect this icon to modify any configuration options for the report. The application returns you to the Configure report options page.
Document nameListed are the names of the documents that will be included in the report.
TrashSelect this to delete a document you no longer want to include in the report.
Delete user entered data once reports createdFor this capability, you have two options:
  • Turn this toggle off if you want to retain your provided input on the Setup Report page after generating your reports.
  • Keep this toggle on if you want to automatically delete your provided input from the Setup Report page after creating your reports.
CreateSelect this to generate the reports.

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