What's New - October 27, 2017

Nexis® Enhancements

With this release, we are pleased to include the following updates:

Following is a description of each.


Improved Smart-Indexing for Non-English languages

As part of its sophisticated search capabilities, LexisNexis tags documents with Subject and Industry terms. This allows you to easily find information without having to build complex search queries. While the full list of terms is available for searches in English, over 1000 are now available for searches in other languages. This includes: Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Arabic.

The following sample procedures describe how to use Improved SmartIndexing with the new multi-language capability.

  1. Select the Power Search or News option under the Search tab.

    Power Search

  2. Click the Add Index Terms link.
  3. Click the Advanced index term look-up link. The Add Topics window appears.

    Add Topics

  4. Select Industry from the Change Index drop-down list.
  5. Select the Find Look-Up Option.
    Note: The other Look-Up options (Hierarchy, Alphabet) are also covered under this enhancement.
  6. Select the desired option from the Find Terms drop-down list.
  7. Enter the desired terms in the text box.
  8. Click the Find button. The resulting terms display.
    Tip: The application displays an asterisk (*) next to each term that is available for multiple languages.

    Add Topics

  9. Select the checkboxes for each term you wish to include in your search.
  10. Click the OK – Add to Search button. The search form re-displays and includes the terms you selected.

    Power Search

    Note: If you wish to remove an index term, click the X displayed to the right of it. If you wish to add one or more terms, click Add another and repeat the above procedures, starting with the Add Topics window.
  11. Click the Search button.


New Global Navigation

To ensure that all our products follow the same design, we have improved navigation with a new visual design, making it easier while using multiple LexisNexis services. Following is a description of these design changes. We have suspended links to other LexisNexis products, as they are going to expire

As you will see, design changes include:

  • Streamlined Content Menus

    All content menus (Search, Documents, Alerts & History) are grouped together to the left of the navigation bar.

    Streamlined content menus

    Note:Sources is now available under Search.
  • Easier Language Selection

    You can now more easily toggle to a different langauge.

    Easier language selection

  • User ID Visibility

    After you sign in, your User ID is always visible in the navigation bar. This way, you can immediately make sure you are signed in with your own ID. Plus, you always have your ID handy while you’re talking to customer support.

    User ID visibility

    Note:Project IDs are now listed here.

Additionally, this redesign makes it easier to select items (settings, etc.) from your User menu.


Last Sign-In Information

Each time you sign in to Nexis, a Welcome Back message appears and provides access to a new screen from which you can review your sign-in history. For example:

Welcome Back

This message includes:

  • Your name
  • Your Last Sign In date and time
  • The View sign-in history link

You can either click Dismiss to close the message, or it will disappear automatically after you navigate to another page in Nexis.

If you click the View sign-in history link, the new Sign-In History page displays. This page illustrates details supporting your sign-in history over the last 45 days. An example follows.

History

This page allows you to easily:

  • Review your sign-in activity over the last 45 days
  • Determine how often you use certain applications
  • Evaluate which browsers you use on a regular basis
  • Identify questionable and unauthorized activity

After you are finished reviewing this activity, you can return to Nexis at any time by simply closing the page.


Folder Navigation Warning

You can store documents in multiple folders. But when you are working within a specific folder then suddenly decide to navigate to another folder while you already have documents selected, the application now displays the following warning message:

Warning message


New Sources

Click here.


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