What's New - October 22, 2016

Nexis® Enhancements

With this release, we are pleased to include the following updates:

Following is an overview of each.


New “Available Alerts” Pod on Home Page

This pod shows the newest alerts shared by another user within the same account.

Available alerts

You can click on the alert name, review the details, and choose to subscribe and receive regular updates.

Subscribe to alerts

After you subscribe to an alert, you can immediately view its most recent results.

View latest


New “My Analytics” Pod on Home Page

This pod provides an overview of your latest analytic updates created with the Nexis Analyzer feature, which is available only on selected accounts.

Just click on the desired analysis item to navigate directly to your chart in Nexis Analyzer.

My Analysis


Content Result Indicators provided after Quick Searches

After searching multiple content types from the Quick Search box on the Home page, you can now quickly identify the types that have retrieved results, and those that have not.

As shown in the following example, a double chevron (>>) is displayed to the right of each content type that generated results, while a 0 is displayed for all others.


This saves you time by not having to click through each content type to check for results.


Optimized Home Page Response Time

Some users have reported that the home page loads slowly--especially for accounts with large numbers of alerts, saved searches, and recent searches. Other users have reported that some search results are taking longer than usual.

With this release, we have implemented a variety of system upgrades to dramatically improve the overall user experience. For example, the Home page will now load much more quickly, plus searches will run a lot faster. However, please note that whenever you include a large number of sources in a search, the system still might need a little extra time to produce your results. When these conditions occur, the following message will display:

Search underway


Multiple Bug Fixes

Current bug fixes have solved problems associated with:

  • Alerts not received at the selected address
  • Linking to search results (AKA Permalink) for previous X days, weeks, or months
  • Restricted number of saved searches (500 is now the maximum)
  • Navigating through legal documents when using the Russian language interface
  • Updating security settings under My Settings
  • Unsupported sources appearing in the sources word wheel on the Power Search form
  • Breadcrumb navigation on customized solutions (including LNDP)
  • Editing alerts after the user has selected a different interface language


New Sources

Click here.


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