What's New - August 18, 2016

Nexis® Enhancements

With this release, we are pleased to include the following:

Following is a description of each update.


New Home Page

In this release, we introduce a new Home page for all your research activities and quick searches. This is an additional page on top of the searches with which you are already familiar.

Home page

To navigate to the new Home page, click Home under the search tab.

From this new page, you can execute a quick search across all the content types available in Nexis, or manage your previous research. See below for more details on these new features.

If you need to return to another search from, just click the subtab of your choice under the Search tab.


Quick Search

Included on the new Home page is a new Quick Search option. This provides a complete new search experience in addition to all the searches with which you are already familiar. Consider using this option if you need a broad orientation on a topic and are not sure where to start.

Quick search

What makes this search so special is that you can now search across all content types with one single action. It enables you to combine the widest set of content for News, Company, Market Insight, Biographies, and global legal sources in one request. Results are organized by content type, allowing you to easily check for relevant information by type.

Quick search results

Quick Search also provides a list of Narrow By filters you can apply before the search. Just select the content types you would like to include, and/or select from the filters under news. You can also select one of the predefined date options.


If you like to use the same filters repeatedly, you can click the Save these settings for my next searches checkbox. The search box will indicate that filters are active by listing them in the black bar, as shown above.


Research Dashboard

Included on the Home page you will find a new Research Dashboard that reveals all your favorite and/or recent research activities. This page is populated with pods containing the following information and features.

  • Alerts

    This pod lists up to eight of your most recent alerts. The activity indicator symbol to the right of the activity indicates if new alert results are available. You can navigate to the alert results by clicking on the alert name, or you can navigate to all your alerts by clicking on the More link.

    Alert activities

  • Saved Searches

    This pod lists up to eight of your saved searches. You can execute the saved search by clicking on the search name, or you can navigate to all your saved searches by clicking on the More link.

    Saved searches

  • Recent Searches

    This pod lists up to eight of your most recent searches. You can execute a recent search again by clicking on the desired link, or you can navigate to all your recent searches by clicking on the More link.

    Recent searches

  • Recent Documents

    This pod lists the documents you recently viewed. You can open a selected document by clicking on the document title, or navigate to all your documents by clicking on the More link.

    Recent documents

  • Survey

    With this release, we have introduced the framework for your research dashboard. As future releases occur, we will continue to enhance this page with more features and functionalities. To help us address your needs, please take the time to fill out the survey by clicking on the Tell Us Now link on the new Home page. In your comments, let us know what would help you do your research faster and easier, what pods of information you would like to see next, and what types of customisation options would you like to have.



Multiple Bug Fixes

Recent bug fixes enable users to:

  • Identify already viewed documents in full from the results page. (A visited document title will now display in a purple color.)
  • Create permalinks from searches where strong referenced index terms were used.
  • View the Table of Content in legal sources.
  • Resize the Alert page below 75% without any display issue.

Other fixes have solved problems associated with:

  • An issue with the bread crumb navigation
  • A problem with hiding delivery icons when requested


New Sources

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