What's New - July 21, 2016

Nexis® Enhancements

With this release, we are pleased to include the following:

Following is a description of each update.


Result Page Optimizations

The Result page has been optimized with multiple improvements, including:

  • Less white space is used in order to fit more results on the screen.
  • The breadcrumb, edit button, toolbars, and document count at the top of the page are relocated closer to the results list.

    Result page optimization

  • The Delivery icons are grouped together through a drop-down menu. This results in a cleaner interface with less icons displayed.

    For your convenience during subsequent sessions, the application remembers the last delivery option you used.

    Delivery icons grouped

  • The number of search hits are aligned with the document length. This provides quick insight to the document's relevancy.

    Document relevancy


Compact and Expanded Views

A new toggle icon enables you to pick compact and expanded views to fit your information needs.

Compact and Expanded View

The Compact View makes room for more documents in one view, thereby making it faster and easier to skim through results. For example:

Compact View

The Expanded View reveals more details, allowing you to quickly identify the most relevant documents. For example:

Expanded View


New Byline and Publication Section in Results

When available, the author of a news article (byline) and the section of the publication in which the document was originally published are now displayed within results. This helps with scanning results and with finding the most relevant stories. An example follows.

Byline in results

The number of hits is also relocated, but it does not impact the view. Instead, it allows you to more quickly select relevant results.


Latest Release Information

With each new release, a What's New link at the top of the page guides you to information about the latest updates and updates from previous releases.

What's New

When you sign on for the first time after a new release, the following callout displays for 5 seconds to inform you that something new is available.

What's New

When we have a release with a larger impact, we will show you a summary in a pop-up message. Please make sure you have this feature enabled by selecting the Marketing pop-up display option under My Settings. These messages will only display a few times per year. An example follows.

Release pop-up


Multiple Bug Fixes

Recent bug fixes enable users to:

  • Download up to 500 full documents in PDF format
  • Receive warnings when cookie settings are blocking Nexis functionalities
  • Receive warnings while attempting to add non-suported characters within the cover page of a document delivery
  • Browse multiple source files on all supported browsers
  • See the US support numbers in error messages while running the US English language interface

Other fixes have solved problems associated with:

  • Displaying the wrong product name when IP-authenticated users sign out
  • Visual design errors on the Alert page
  • Footnotes linking to law reviews


New Additions to LexisNexis

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