What's New - April 20, 2017

Nexis® Enhancements

With this release, we are pleased to include the following updates:

Following is a description of each enhancement.


Home Page Customization

Provided on the home page is a new drop-down list that allows you to select and add the following pods to the home page:

Pod capabilities

  • Single Alert Results pod
  • Alert pod
  • Saved Searches pod

Each of these capabilities provides quick access to alerts or saved searches without having to navigate further into the system. With these pods positioned directly on the home page, you can easily edit and delete them.

Following is a description of each option.

  • Single Alert Results

    With this option, the following screen allows you to select an alert to display.

    Add a New Alert Pod

    After you select an alert, a new pod with the latest alert results appears on your home page. You can repeat this process as many times as needed to add multiple pods with alert results.

    Pod capabilities

  • Alerts or Saved Searches

    With this option, you can select alerts or saved searches and group them together in a pod.

    Tip: Before you start this process, keep in mind that the last pod you add on the home page will appear as the first pod. So you might want to plan the order in which you create your pods.

    Add a New Pod

    Using this screen, you simply assign a pod name, select alerts or saved searches (max of 8), and click on the arrow to move them from the left box to the box on the right. After you click the Add pod button, the new pod appears on the home page.

    You can then continue adding multiple pods with alerts or saved searches.

    Pod capabilities


Helpdesk Number Quick Reference

After you sign in to the system and select a search form, the Helpdesk Number icon provides you the number to your help desk. Just click on it and the number displays to the right. For example:

Helpdesk Number


Live Chat

Note: This feature pertains only to users in the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

After you sign in to the system and select a search form, you have access to a live chat facility to help you with any issues you might experience during your online session.

To chat with a customer representative:

  1. Click on the Live Chat icon to launch the chat process. A pop-up form displays.

    Start chat

  2. Complete the form with your name, email address, company name, question, and department.
  3. Click on the Start Chat button and follow the instructions from that point.


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