What is Web News?

For certain Nexis sources, one or more corresponding web news sources may also be available. The web news feature enables you to search those sources in addition to the Nexis sources. To view a list of the Nexis sources that have corresponding web news sources, see Nexis-to-Web News Source Mappings.

Whenever you search Nexis sources that have web news sources, the results from the Nexis sources, if any, appear on the results page, beneath the Results tab. The Web News tab also appears, and you can click on it to search the associated web news sources.

Note: If your Nexis search returns no results, the "No Documents Found" page appears, and you can search the associated web news sources by clicking on the Check for Web News results link.

Web news searches provide full support for diacritics and diacritic equivalents.

Nexis searches and web news searches differ from each other in several key ways, however:

  • Nexis searches and web news searches are performed independently of each other. If you perform a Nexis search, for example, then use the Narrow Search feature to refine your Nexis results by adding additional search terms, the additional search terms are not applied to the web news results, and vice-versa.
  • A web news results list may contain results from numerous different languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. If necessary, you can use the Result groups form in the left pane of the Web News results page to filter the results list by language. For more information on using result groups, see Viewing Result Groups.
  • Clicking an item in a web news results list opens a new window. When you click on a web news result, if the content no longer exists, then a "page not found" message is provided by the source website, not LexisNexis.
  • You cannot create a Saved Search for a web news source. Instead, you must save a search of the related Nexis source, re-run that search, then click on the Web News tab to view the web news results.
  • You can create a web news alert, change its delivery settings, and manually run it, but you cannot edit the Nexis search upon which it is based.
    Note: On the Alerts page, nothing distinguishes a Nexis alert from a web news alert, except that an “Edit” link does not appear in the Search column for any web news alert.
  • You can deliver web new results only through the Alerts feature or through the Print, Email, and Download icons on the Web News results tab. You cannot add web news results to the "My Documents" delivery folder, and you cannot deliver web news results from that folder. When you deliver web news results through the Alerts feature or through the Print, Email, or Download icons, you can deliver web news results only in the following document views or results formats:
    • Print: List or Expanded List
    • Email: Expanded List
    • Download: Expanded List
    • Alerts: All Documents, Expanded List View
      Note: You cannot print, email, or download web news results in a "full text" document view.
  • Web news results cannot be accessed via a permalink. If you receive a permalink from another user or send a permalink to another user, web news results are not accessible via the permalink, even if the permalink search is based on a Nexis source that has a related web news source.

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