How do I browse sections of a publication?

Note: This feature is only available for documents in legal sources.

To view a specific section of a publication:

  1. Submit your search request.
  2. Select a document from within your results.
  3. If the Publication Tree (on the left side of the Results page) is closed, select a view (TOC or Index) to open it.
  4. In the Publication Tree, click on the Open Tree icon next to a section name to show any subsections associated with it. Click on the Close Tree icon to hide the subsections. Some content only contains one level.
  5. Click on any active link in the Publication Tree. The full text of the section you selected appears in the results page to the right, replacing the document you were viewing.
  6. To return to your original, unfiltered results, click on the View All Results link in the Results page.

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