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Remember My Sign-In Information

Select this box if you prefer not to type in your ID and Password each time you enter Nexis®. If you use more than one browser, remember to save your sign-in information on each one.

Remarque: This function is not recommended for use on public workstations. All research performed at a workstation will be assigned to the ID in use when Remember my Sign-In Information was selected, and that ID will accrue charges accordingly.

To turn off the Remember my Sign-In Information option, sign out of Nexis® and click on the Click here if you no longer wish to save your Sign-In information link on the page that appears.

Use a Secure Connection (SSL) for Entire Session

Your sign-in information is always sent over a secure connection using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). However, if you click on the Use a Secure Connection (SSL) for Entire Session link, your entire session is transmitted using a secure connection. SSL is the standard encryption protocol used to provide a secure connection. With SSL in place, information is encrypted before it is transmitted between your computer and Nexis®, blocking any attempt to observe this information by another party.

Remarque: SSL encryption may result in slightly slower system performance over a dial-up connection. To turn off the secure connection, either:
  • Select the Sign-Out link at the top of any Nexis® page, then sign back in, leaving the Use a Secure Connection (SSL) for Entire Session box cleared
  • Select the My Settings link at the top of any Nexis® page and clear the Use a secure connection (SSL) for entire session option on the screen that appears
Register to Personalise Your ID and Password

If Register Now and Register Later buttons appear under your Sign-In page, you can personalise your ID and Password to use certain product features such as My Settings and Saved Searches.

  • Click on Register Now to create a personalised ID and Password.
    Remarque: This feature is only available for users with IP authentication. Check with your System Administrator if you have any questions.
  • If you prefer to register later, click on Register Later and enter Nexis®. You can then click on the Register link on the top navigation bar within Nexis® to change your ID and Password

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