Search Topic Tips

Use search topics to limit your search to one or more specific topics and, if required, to exclude one or more specific topics from consideration. For information on how to add search topics to your search, see Select topics in the News Search Form article.

What are search topics?

Search topics are a sophisticated set of index terms that have been developed through the LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology. As each document is added to a LexisNexis source, it is analysed to determine the content it contains and corresponding index terms are assigned to it. Later, the index terms are used to retrieve the documents to which they have been assigned.

When to use search topics

The best time to use search topics is when you want to:

  • Use a single search term to capture broad concepts (e.g. airlines, trade agreements, banking & finance agencies, and so on). Instead of creating a lengthy keyword search, you can use search topics to take advantage of the testing and analysis already completed by LexisNexis indexers.
  • Research industries. It's very difficult to create keyword searches that capture documents associated with an entire industry. Search topics and SmartIndexing makes these searches easy by "rolling up" narrower terms so that parent terms are all-inclusive.
  • Add context to a keyword search. In addition to basing a search solely on search topics, you can also combine keyword searches and search topics. For information on entering search terms, see Search terms in the News Search Form article or Search terms in the RDS TableBase Search Form article.

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