How do I find news articles about an individual's criminal activity?

  1. Open the News search form.
  2. Click on the Add another search term link twice to display two additional search-term text boxes, and two connector drop-down menus.
  3. In the first text box, enter the individual's first name (e.g., John).
  4. In the second text box, enter the individual's last name (e.g., Doe).
  5. In the third text box, enter the following values:

    abus! or accus! or alleg! or arraign! or arrest! or assault! or attack! or bail or beat! or bond or brib! or charg! or cartel or convict! or corrupt! or court! or conspir! or co-conspir! or crime or criminal! or deceiv! or decept! or defendant or defraud! or denied or deny or disorderly conduct or driving under influence or driving while intoxicated or drug or drunk! or dui or d u i or d.u.i. or dwi or d w i or d.w.i. or embezz! or extort! or felon! or fraud! or guilt! or harass! or illegal! or incriminat! or indict! or investigat! or jail! or kill! or larcen! or launder! or lawbreaker or misappropriat! or misconduct or misdeme! or murder! or narcot! or negligen! or offen! or outlaw or parol! or prison! or probat! or prosecut! or revocation or revoke* or robber! or sabotag! or sanction! or scam! or scandal! or shoplift! or stab or stabbed or stabbing or steal! or stole* or suspen! or terroris! or theft or thief or thiev! or threat! or trespass! or unlawful! or verdict or violat! or violen! or weapon

  6. Select the desired option (e.g., Anywhere in the text) from the drop-down list to the right of each text box.
  7. Select the desired option (e.g., Same Sentence) from the drop-down connector lists below the individual's first and last names.
  8. Select the appropriate time frame (e.g., Previous 6 months) from the date drop-down list, or select specific From and To dates.
  9. Select an appropriate publication (e.g., All English Language News) from the source drop-down list.
  10. Click on Search to retrieve your results.

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