US Asset Locator (Public Records) Search Form

Use the US Asset Locator (Public Records) search form to locate an individual using any number of criteria: drivers' license number, party or case number, name, partial or full address, etc.

Permissible UseYou must select a permissible use from the drop-down list. For more information on the options available, click on the exclamation mark icon (Permissible Use icon).
Drivers License Number

Limit your search to a specific driver license number. Be sure to follow the format used by the state in question. The following states do not provide Drivers License numbers: ID, KY, LA, ME, MS, ND and SC.

Example: A1234!

Party or Case name

Enter the party or case name.

Example: Greene OR Green

Example: Simons Wholesale Sales AND Jones

Company Name

You may enter the full company name and variations. Separate your entries with ORs.

Example: Chrysler OR Daimler Benz AG

Last Name

Enter the last name or other variations.

Example: Cline OR Klein OR Kline

First Name

Enter nicknames or other common variations separated with the OR connector.

Example: Richard OR Dick OR Rick OR Rich

Street Address

Limit your search by specifying a complete or partial street address.

Example: 10! Brown Street

Example: 5th OR 3rd AND Ave. OR Avenue


Limit your search to specific cities.

Example: New York OR Chicago

StateSelect states where the person might have an address.
Zip Code

Enter a 5-digit or partial zip code to limit your search to a specific geographical area.

Example: 12345 OR 122!

Additional TermsEnter your additional search terms, using connectors to show the relationship between the terms.
Tip: If you do not use connectors between your search terms, the system defaults to PRE/1 not AND.
Search tips
Click on this link to view descriptions and examples of the connectors, such as AND, OR, AND NOT, etc., which you may use in constructing your search.
Search within results - Terms(Appears only when editing a search.) If you have previously entered any "Search within results" terms in results, those terms will appear in the text box. You may edit the terms if desired.
SourcesSelect a source in which to search from the drop-down list.
"I" icon
To learn more about the contents of a source, click on the "i" icon to the right of the drop-down list. The document that appears generally explains such things as: coverage, frequency, update schedule, content summary, publisher and available document sections. If the What do we cover? link is available, you can click on it to display a list of the available sources, grouped by publisher.
Specify date/Judgment date

On some search forms, you may narrow your search to documents published on a specific day or within the date range you specify. You have several options:

Save this searchAfter entering your search terms, click on this link to save the search for reuse in the future or to set up the search as an alert.
Clear formClick on this link to clear all of your entries from the search form and start again with the default settings.

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