How do I narrow my search results?

After you have performed a search, you may wish to narrow your results so that you retrieve just the right amount of information you need. To facilitate this, the New Results page includes a Narrow By filtering capability that allows you to fine-tune your search and narrow results based on a series of options. To use this feature, perform these steps:

  1. From the New Results page, select and apply the necessary Narrow By options. Refer to New Results Page for more information.
    Tip: Each time you activate a results option, the application references it in a shaded box displayed below the Narrow By heading, then immediately updates the results based on that option.
  2. Review your updated results. If you need to narrow them further, repeat the previous step, adjusting the appropriate options to yield the desired results. You may continue to narrow the results as many times as necessary.
    Note: Your narrow search terms will search within no more than the first 3000 results of your original search. If your original search returned more than 3000 results and you want to refine your original search instead of narrowing it, click on Edit Search to begin a new search.
  3. If necessary, click Clear to cancel all selected options, or click the X to the right of each individual option you may want to eliminate from your search filtering.

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