Home Search Tips

Use this page to run a customized search, to create new pods in which to store alerts and saved searches, and to quickly access all your previously saved alerts, searches, and documents.

To perform a customized search, complete the input form as follows:

Enter search terms and connectorsEnter the desired legal terms (e.g., equitable remuneration, grievous bodily harm, matrimonial home) you wish to use for your search.
Filters list and drop-down menu

Listed to the left of the drop-down arrow are the names of the search filters that are currently active. However, if no filters are active at this time, the Search: Everything setting is displayed.

Click on the drop-down arrow Drop-down Menu to display all the available search filters. The Narrow By list of filters appears.

Narrow By (filters)Within the Narrow By window, select the appropriate date from the drop-down list, then click the checkbox for each filter you wish to use to narrow your search.
InformationClick on this icon to display additional source information about this selection.
$If displayed, click on this icon if you wish to reveal pricing information associated with this selection.
Save these settings for my next searchesSelect this checkbox if you wish to use the same filters for subsequent searches.
SearchClick on this button if you wish to run your search from within the Narrow By window.
ClearClick on this link as needed to clear all your filter selections at once.
XClick on this link to close the list of Narrow By filters and save your selections.
MagnifyClick on this icon to run your search from outside the Narrow By window.

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