What is "Optimise delivery options for email and mobile devices"?

Alert emails can be sent in HTML format to your computer's email system, Blackberry 4.5, iPhone 3.x, or above. Selecting this option automatically presets the alert email delivery options so you can effectively navigate long results lists and otherwise interact with the emails.

This option presets the alert email delivery options as follows:

  • Send = Within email
  • Email format = HTML
  • Results format = First 100 Documents, Full Text View
  • List of included documents = Yes

If your mobile device (Blackberry 4.5 or iPhone 3.x) doesn't support HTML email format, do not select this option. Make sure you choose "Txt" as the Email format.

If your mobile device supports HTML format, but you want to select a Results format other than the First 100 Documents, Full Text View, make sure you select "Within email" as the Send option and "HTML" as the Email format. Selecting "Txt" as the Email format will remove HTML coding that makes the results easier to navigate on a mobile device.

Note: Check your mobile device's documentation if you do not know which version you own or to ensure that your device has been enabled to receive HTML and image email deliveries.

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