Help Topics for Nexis®

This page provides lists of help topics that describe how to use Nexis®. Click on the headings below to view links to topic pages that provide more detail.

 + Search for Information

 + Developing a Natural Language Search

 + Developing a Terms & Connectors Search

 + Searching from Each Tab

 + Locate Sources

 + Browsing the Contents of a Single Source (Tree Browsing)

 + Using the Sources Tab

 + Review Search Results

 + Search Results

 + Deliver Results (Print, Download, Email, and Cloud)

 + Delivering Documents

 + Manage My Research (History, Saved Searches, Alerts)

 + Alerts & History

 + Customise Settings

 + Preferences and Customisable Options

 + Sign In / Sign Out, System Requirements

 + Signing in to Nexis®

 + System Recommendations

 + Contact LexisNexis

 + Contact Us

 + Search the Help System

 + Searching the Online Help System