Browsing the Contents of a Single Source (Tree Browsing)

What is browsing a source?

Searching is the most common method of finding information in Nexis®. However, you may also browse the contents of some legal sources as though you were reading them in book form. Like a book, the source is arranged by a table of contents (TOC), which you may navigate to find a specific section. Once you have identified the section you are looking for, you may:

  • View the text of that section
  • Print, download, or email the contents of that section
  • Perform a search that is limited to only that section
Note: You may only browse legal sources that have Tables of Contents.

Your preferences allow you to choose between two display options while you are browsing a source:

  • With "truncated tree" browsing, as you navigate through a source, the previous levels are truncated, showing only the level you are currently viewing.
  • With "full tree" browsing, the source you are browsing is opened within the structure of the original list.

To choose your source browsing option, click on the My Settings link on the top navigation bar and then click on the Search and Results Settings tab.

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