How do I generate analytics from my search results?

If your account has access to the Nexis® Analyzer application and you wish to generate reports for analysis, perform these steps:

  1. Perform a search.
    Note: If your search produces over 3000 results, the application displays a pop-up message and waits for your response. Since Nexis Analyser cannot load documents for that many results, perform the following as many times as necessary until the pop-up message no longer displays:
    1. Click the Edit Search button.
    2. Revise your search accordingly to narrow your results.
    3. Run the search again.
  2. After your results page displays, click on the Analyze results icon (Analyze results) to launch Nexis Analyser and to load your results.
  3. Using Nexis Analyser, perform the necessary analysis of the information.

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