How do I find companies of a specific size?

To identify all companies of a certain size, search by the number of employees at the company, or search by the comapny's turnover figure:

  1. Open the Company Prospecting search form.
  2. Do one of the following:
    Search by number of employeesEnter a threshold number (e.g., 500) in Employees.
    Search by turnover figureEnter a threshold revenue figure in millions dollars (for international searches) or millions pounds (for UK searches). You may also use decimal points (for example, 1.6 will find $1.6m) and negative numbers for losses (for example, -2 for -$2m).
  3. Click on Is more than, Is equal to, or Is less than to specify whether you are looking for companies above, equal to, or below the number you entered above.
  4. Click on Search to retrieve your results.

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