What is Enhanced Coverage Linking?

In some XML-encoded sources, the names of judges, counsels, and companies have been identified as items you could encounter while reviewing a document from that source and might want to research in depth. With the Enhanced Coverage Linking feature, obtaining that additional research information is easy.

These names are displayed in the document as embedded links along with a small icon indicating that a list of selections will appear on-screen (or in a pop-up window for non-JavaScript users). When you click on the link or icon, a menu of other links appears identifying the variety of additional information you can retrieve related to that item ("Company Dossier reports on this company", "Recent litigation (last 90 days) involving this attorney", and so on). Many of these links also have an information icon associated with them that you can click on to learn more about the type of information that will be retrieved when that link is used. Then when you click on one of those links, a background search is submitted and the requested information is delivered to you in a new window.

  • Depending on the terms of your subscription, you may incur an additional charge for the use of this feature and/or for the search itself. You will be notified when you are about to commit to an additional charge so that you can choose to cancel the operation.
  • The names of judges and counsels are identified by their presence within specific document sections. Therefore, they will only display as Enhanced Coverage Linking links under those headings they will not be identified within the body text of the document.
  • Company names are identified through the use of LexisNexis indexing technology. Therefore, they will appear within the body text of the document.
  • New options have been added to the Preferences page for the Enhanced Coverage Linking feature.

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